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Montana Highland Mountains

Wild Prairie Farms

Our company is a home-based, family business.

We've handcrafted all of our products in our own country kitchen in Montana, USA. since 2005

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Back in 2005, I began making soaps, creams and lotions for my family with their health needs in mind, mainly eczema and dry, itchy, cracked skin.

Natural Lavender Soap
soap in the making

Our products worked so well, friends told me I should start selling them.  So we expanded to our local farmer's market and festivals here in Montana and they were a great success. 


Folks came back to tell me how they had been healed from rashes, eczema and other skins problems. 

Farmers Market
Christmas Stroll

After much research, we believe we've found the best  ingredients to put in our skin nourishing, naturally gentle products. 


We use only natural Essential Oils, Butters & Oils that are healing for your skin and smell wonderful, naturally ... without chemicals. 

Natural Lip Scrub
Soothing Bath Salts

Since then, my desire and goal has been to create a natural, healthy and wholesome line

of skin care products, that facilitate healing for body, mind and spirit, and give glory to God, the Creator of the Earth and all that is in it.  

Montana Farm Driveway
Montana Prairie Sunset
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